the field of communication
is more than our voice
not even our ears
we are given a choice
our senses may lie dormant
or are present, alert
all the incoming
we can instantly convert
into a vision, a sound, an illusion
sometimes a past memory
that can trigger confusion
when we slow down and feel
what is present as real
we allow space to respond
receiving, returning
amplifying or observing
responding or storing
sometimes back-dooring
do we keep it or let it go?
the skills of communication
are based on observation
where is it coming from?
what is its purpose?
does it require a response?
does it feel good? how do we feel?
our hearts will tell us
our senses are intricate, expansive
a multi-dimensional language
we now speak to our plants
birds respond to our glance
communication is a dance
and the music is love
gagi     10/12/22