we are witnessing conflict
in the world at large
we see it between others
and can feel it within

how can we respond?

on a global scale
we can go first to prayer
being the observers of what’s going on out there
supporting those positioned to promote peaceful solutions
and taking their progress into future resolutions

when we witness conflict conflict between others
especially those we are close to
it can cause great sorrow
it is not what we’re used to
we witness the pain, the suffering they feel
and we recognize their positioning can be a pattern that’s real
and only their’s to resolve
unless asked for help
it is often best to step back

for ourselves?
let go of ego
of saying we know what’s best
let go of what we want for ourselves
feel into the potential of infinite possibilities
let our hearts guide us
and from a place of love
we will arrive
with creative solutions
the best for all of the above

gagi     10/22/23