Global Oneness Summit

Global Oneness Summit

taking this opportunity to honour Humanitys Team

and their 14th year of celebrating Global Oneness

presenting over 45 free panels with spiritual visionaries, scientists

transformational leaders, mini-masterclasses, award-winning musicians, plus an invitation to join in and celebrate the international shout-out of Love 

for many of us this is THE EVENT of the year where we are updated on the latest research, global progress and global participation in the evolution of human consciousness…we are all in this together and we are the change-makers, we are here to design and create the New, a world of peace, balance, interconnectivity and great beauty

you will find many of your favourite teachers, wisdom keepers…immersive experiences guided by world-renowned Visionaries

this event started yesterday Oct 21st

and runs thru until Tuesday Oct 24th

& you still have free access today to all of yesterday’s content

please go to

an invitation to immerse yourselves in the very best of  inspirational and knowledgeable heart (and thought) leaders of today…they are speaking your language, voicing your passions, painting your visions… singing our song & dancing our dance in celebration of these transformational times

shared with love…

gagi    10/22/23