Creating Systems

Creating Systems

a credence or jeopardy can be obscure
and only supported can either endure
quagmires exist in temporaneous form
only by feeding to balance can completeness be born

aspects of neutrality can often confuse
staying impartial can sometimes mean lose
creating the wayward with systems infused
fabricates the working parts of intertwining queues

blessings of justice in the eyes of the whole
so movement continues with a warp and a roll
justifying the margins can also appeal
to the refinement of those that have suffered an ordeal

placards that spell out to draw attention are used
to unify opinions and clarify what’s confused
pleasant retirement of the jury that was
rephrases what judgement and side taking does

specify the outcomes of all that’s desired
keep all that’s treasured and let the rest be retired
journey to the ends of the Earth in your search
don’t make your choices from a solitary perch

gagi   02/24/15