Defining and Aligning

Defining and Aligning

a mother-in-law shared
what represented her wisdom
time to define wisdom
with the use of the prism

white light is made up of
all the colours of the rainbow
wisdom is made up of
so many key perspectives
perspectives that have
all passed the test of time
perspectives to which
many align

white light passing thru a prism
separates white into equal parts
showing each colour in its full glory

wisdom in the same way
can be seen as a conglomerate
of many key perspectives, even virtues

so let us define
what is our truth?
what serves life best?
can we have our way?
what about for the rest?
or must it be for all?

maybe a test
is it inclusive?
does it follow the golden rule?
does it come from compassion?
does it come from love?

definitive practices
sharpen the sword
the sword used to free us
by cutting the cord

the cord of confinement
of being controlled or outweighed
the cord that manipulates
and can make us afraid

once we are freed
yes the work must be done
a new world is opened
with joyful expression and fun

let us align now
to the wisdom of love
to all common virtues
to the honouring of
what makes us happy
and what we want for all
that is our intention
when we answer the call

gagi      06/09/20