The Persuasion of Water

The Persuasion of Water

detailed in its history
water reigns on
cycling thru its morphosis
seeking the dawn

impressed by the magnitude
of heaven on earth
nurturing and cleansing
preparing for rebirth

listen to the water
the crack of ice, impressive
the quiet as snow absorbs the sound
the rushing water that knows no bounds

the gentle rain
the hiss of steam
the splash of joy
the mermaid’s dream

all is contained
all remembered
in water

the place of potential
the role that is essential
for life on earth

let water show us the way
let water have its say
immerse ourselves
share water’s bounty
drink and share
with loving care

know we reside
and cannot hide
from our role to protect
and never neglect the life of water

may it be water
this living element
may it be water that persuades
that persuades humanity of the urgency
to respond to this, a global emergency
to create a focused
a focused resurgency
of balance and respect
for life on earth
a liquid rebirth
for all

gagi     05/31/20