how will the future be?
who are we wanting to be?
what is it that exists contemporarily?
how can we dissolve disparity?

recognize that which is incongruent
recognize the simplicity of living life
who we are and what we be
should not result in disparity

the deepest questions must be addressed
we cannot be separate from the rest
to love, to live with gratitude and joy
go to the senses we can employ

the gift of being physical
is the gift of feeling
senses to understanding
what we feel is revealing

the depth of understanding
depends upon
how we develop our senses
interpret, act on

with a foundation of gratitude
for the diversity of feeling
we experience ourselves
with a wholeness revealing

revealing our desire to be as we are
part of a oneness, part of the Mar
belonging, interwoven
interactive, alive
able to feel for others
and help them survive

survival is not an antonym
to flourish, prosper and thrive
and this requires attention
to the importance of why

why has our soul journey
brought us to the now?
why did we come here?
was it to learn to know how?

how to align to the multiversal divine
how to align and create new design
a design to co-habit in the paradise of now
to find a commonality to which we avow

time has evaporated
we have access to all
as we remember how to use our senses
disparity will fall

we cannot be separate
and therefore will find
we are congruent with all
when we are aligned

gagi   07/25/18
Mar – the ocean of infinite love