Divine Presence

Divine Presence

when the divine presence is felt
it is immeasurable
subtle or all consuming
we recognize we are home

the divine presence knows no separation
it cannot be named feminine or masculine
for it is all that is, has been and ever will be
it is love

to feel the divine presence
we dissolve into nothingness
and as the conscious observer
and an aspect of the divine
we merge into wholeness

filling up, fuelling up for our journeys
we return to the physical never to be the same
for we learn the divine is always present
and we yearn for the comfort of belonging
once we have been held
we let all meld

let all meld
from our experiential journeys
we observe and define
witness and align
with what attracts us

from a place of gratitude for our very lives
and a desire to serve
we activate a common nerve
that runs thru all hearts

an interconnected circuitry
switch turned on
the powerhouse of the divine
the field of the altruistic
the meaning of life
lit up once activated

blessed by the abundance and beauty of life
we cannot be confined by the past
the past does not last
we are free to evolve our love
expand and unite
bringing our gifts, aspects of the divine
to co-create a new world
not a new way
for the Way has always been
the ultimate expression of Love

let us be love
let us grow the love and empower creation
the creation of what is beyond our present field of vision
let us take the leap of faith into the unknown
and together cherish and give thanks
for the divine presence
and the field of awareness
portal to the new

gagi      06/04/18