quantum alignment and a new word to define
what is coming to us to bring in and design
designing the new, aligned with the All
being totally present and answering the call

to be aware of the pairing
to match with dear Abba
to become that Oneness in order to serve
to be used together, to consciously merge

from Abba we shine
as aspects of the Divine
each an end-point of a ray
radiating from Source
as a matter of course

first out of the chute
we came here to receive
now all that exists
is what we believe

a chute works effectively
from above to below
and is a sharing or access to
all that we know

so the word that arrived was carefully designed
pairabbachutes exist beyond what’s been defined
pairabbachutes will strengthen our pairing with Abba
let us remember to ask to receive so then we will have a
’n activated pairing ready for sharing
the gifts of beyond
the joyous new song
of love

gagi   06/05/18