Is it you or is it me?
I sense you, feel you
but cannot see

Always there
We can converse
I ask a question
then you reverse

and ask another
question of me
and in answering it
then i see

And what is it that i see?
Endless choices, endless sea
of movement, of possibility
waiting to take form thru you and me

We sit together
and we converse
What state of mind
can we reverse?

What habit have we, becoming aware
that’s not a useful one to wear?
Now we see it, we can change
Our daily life we rearrange

The guidance given is so immense
The passion felt is so intense
The joy of knowing we can love
ourselves, our presence, all the above

My higher self
is present here
to help us meet
a challenge or fear

Her loving presence
can light our way
as we proceed
from night to day

Precious is the journey’s clock
It marks the time as we take stock
and journey forth, yes hand in hand
transforming with love air, sea and land

In all abodes, all living there
acknowledged, treasured, also aware
the potential by each one, each pair
Entelechy and me – we care

gagi     01/12/14