Intention for Life on Earth

Intention for Life on Earth

Be still
Let go of your will

empty yet joyful
commune, listen, until
the flow then comes thru you
allow it to flow
removing all blockage
enhancing the glow
the glow of mortality
the glow of all life
fed by the essence of love
for it is love that births life

precious and cherished
by all that can be
the invisible life force
yet its influence we see

a prayer for humanity
one that all hold
is to become the very essence
of love, yes love’s mould

moulded into beings of divine loving grace
conscious of all life forms
held in an embrace
the life of another is as precious as ours
to cherish their existence is to offer them flowers

the flower of life is a perpetual bloom
and we are planting the seeds
so as to consume
the harvest by gifting
the growth in full bloom

gifting the love that we’ve picked
yes by intention, by choice
sharing the love
to give, receive and rejoice

the substance of life is the perpetual flow
sustaining our love is the answer to know
there is only this moment to choose how to be
may all of humanity be love and be free

gagi      01/12/14