Flatline Investments

Flatline Investments

do we not invest expecting a decline?
what would happen if we created a straight line?

business profitability goes in cycles, in waves
we’re often not able to predict how it behaves
we invest and really gamble on what we can expect
and wealth from growth and expansion is what we hope to beget

perhaps it’s curiosity or simply a clear vision
but what if we completely revised our investment decision?
an investment graph with spikes and dips is a common occurrence
now picture something quite unique, a different observance

from a high up spike there starts to be a slow and smooth decline
and then at a certain point it becomes a level, horizontal line
the investment has now stabilized and an investor can expect
to have a stable income now from a futuristic aspect

at a level where a profit can become a guarantee
and the company you’re investing in absorbs the reality
the reality of some ups and downs that certainly occur
but stabilized by having a practice that has sustainable allure

we can then be satisfied with supporting something good
and no longer will we worry if our investment could
be a risk, a loss, fearing for our future needs
and we will have released an aspect of humanity
sometimes labelled greed

gagi   02/06/15

woke up to this vision as a graph