Moving Onways

Moving Onways

take a look within, that’s where to begin
then pasteurize, go past your eyes
removing the bugs, the unstabilizers
by feeling, feeling into the beyond

there is such unity within
such expanse and yet we often don’t go there
sitting still, aligning with the divine
breathing, understanding we can go beyond time

slip into it like slipping into the edge of a still pond
ease in so as not to create a ripple
and once immersed, simply be
truly feeling the connection to all there is

in this place of connection we may get a nudge
time to play
time to clean house
a central place to send out love beams
seeking of answers, asking for help
letting whatever it is emerge
then feeling the surge

a vision, a word, a sense of completion
sometimes the seeds of a new creation
connections strengthened, purpose defined
soaking in the sensations of being aligned

happily staying the observer within
until there is movement from in-sight
and then a release into action
bringing forth the inner wisdom
and moving onways

gagi   02/07/15