Forever More

Forever More

the light of the day
come what may
consistent and true
the light shines thru

the light is a blessing
warm and caressing
it shows us the way
and offers to stay
forever more

the light shines within
when we let it in
with a glow of perception
and a welcomed reception
an open door

we cherish the glow
as we come to know
this light has the power
when nurtured to flower
into the more

as a candle that burns
love fuels our light and returns
mirrored to perceive
all we receive
as beauty restored

the light of the day
embodied to stay
as an everlasting presence
we become the essence
we soar

with a soul-purposed core
love, light and the more
as never before
we have become
shining as one

the light 



gagi     08/11/16