Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

peace on Earth
and all thru the universe
peace on Earth
and all thru the heavens
we are one
we are one

and as we recognize
the magnificence of our Oneness
there is so much we can utilize
to transform suffering to a noneness

to share, oh to share
the abundance of our uniqueness
creative ideas, skills and persuasions
the calling in of all our relations

there will be peace
when we have created it
and as we listen to our hearts
we come into circle and sit

expand the circle, the ring to surround now the Earth
give it a spin and a twist and it enspheres the Earth’s girth
we hold Earth now within the web of our Oneness
and focusing our love, we’ll bring peace to a doneness

love is the answer
the way and the means
love is in perpitude
and is the sum of our genes

creation’s continuity
the evolution of souls
generates a new amplitude
when Oneness creates goals

gagi     08/10/16