juxtaposed by tradition
finalized in one’s position
influenced by others’ opinions
those who know nothing of us at all
is there no hope?
we so often blame it on time
no alone time
time to delve into who we are
recognizing the star
we shine for one another
we must not let opinions smother
our ability to shine
and with others combine
to create the new
trapped in a box
when others do talk
and skillfully change our minds
by the way they define
what is right
full stop
who are you?
what did you come here to do?
what can possibly ensue
if you give away the power of you?
you can’t be two
it is the power of one in our wholeness
it is the power to flow with our soulness
when we have the courage to achieve
and in ourselves believe
together we will leave
the past behind
we are here to create a new way
and from the stillness within
have our say
then wonderfully free and and ready to play
join the team
of those who dream
and create a meme
that changes the world
gagi     09/19/22