goodbyes have little meaning
for we know we’ll meet again
our paths will cross along the way
and perhaps once more lock in
as aspects of the greater whole
we ready to release so we can flow
from associations that no longer thrive
we choose different routes we want to go
some pathways seem so straight and clear
our compasses are set to home
others who pause, to enjoy and explore
choose to slow down as they roam
a wave and an acknowledgment
we will meet again by the bye
our wave sets new directions
the new for us to try
a friendly wave
a happy wave
with a sharing of love and good wishes
a good bye
gagi     09//17/22
perhaps an adaption of a  sports definition for bye … to a transfer of a soul journeyer directly to the next round of contributing to the emergence of the conscious evolution of humanity in the absence of an assigned co-journeyer