Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership

fractional ownership signifies a divide
how can we divvy up the world?
how can we ever decide
what is yours, what is mine?

if we were to share
the abundance that is
there would be no more poverty
or extravagant fizz

popular modes, competition and greed
fuel an economy that spirals out of control
can we switch it off or simply turn the dial?
does the answer exist in the consumers’ file?

petition the masses and hand out the decree
we are changing our ways until all is at ease
willing to give and willing to receive
not of a life style but the essentials please

all we don’t need we can share, give away
stop producing the unnecessary and necessity for speed
ask “do we need this?” when shopping for more
replacing the old? recycle old – do not store

how quickly can we change and practice the new
depends on the commitment of me and of you
start in our homes, our neighbourhoods and expand
before long the initiative will spread thru the land

dissolving fractional ownership of materials and the land
gives way to being caretakers of all that’s at hand
it helps to beautify a world that now knows itself
and the beauty of sharing confirms humanity’s common wealth

gagi   06/01/15