On the Brink of Discovery

On the Brink of Discovery
the Moon in her fullness
would have us attuned
we’re on the brink of discovery
and so shines the Moon
the essence of being
completes a full cycle
and we will soon learn to ride
a single wheeled “bicycle”
from two wheels to one
more balance required
yet once we have learnt
we’ll be automatically rewired
to master the unicycle
will require some practice
to balance, stay focused
to move forwards and backwards
and even to stay
in a stationary place
takes a very refined act
of balancing grace
let us practice our balance
in all aspects of life
and pay attention to symmetry
as it augments as tithe
with symmetry, balance
attune to the new
practice the unicyling
until it is you
gagi      06/02/15