My Intention

My Intention

To experience and explore our understanding of love by responding to the guidance given through waking visions, words or phrases, synchronicities, deeply felt emotions, meditation…as these deliver a point of focus, then in a meditative state, allow an exploration or sharing of wisdom to come through in the form of poetry or prose. To share theses writings with others. To have fun with our growing awareness and developing senses. To be in service to the Greatest Love of All.

Love in Every Step

awakening into the dawn of the day
an intention emerges
it is here to stay

to live each day:
with love in every step
with love in every word spoken
with love in every relationship
seeing love everywhere
connecting to All with love
to say “i love you” as often as i can
to appreciate the love that is shared
to bring beauty and love into every part of each day
to be the love that we are
to co-create with the Love of the Mar

gagi      06/03/15

* the Mar – the ocean of infinite love