Free Energy

Free Energy

Free energy extends
and to an unbalanced world amends
the very structure, the ways of the past

Because it is free
it is more than for you or for me
It defines the true oneness of we, the All as One

To access free energy
is to understand the concept of entropy
and the ebb/flow of all life systems doing work

The key to free energy
must also come from simplicity
for the density of complexity has costs, high costs

The time has arrived
The desire to make a difference has survived
and we are about to witness a huge change in our world

A free energy system
based on engineering wisdom
from ones who have embodied the means and the Way

It is easily constructed
so old systems are replaced and disrupted
creating jobs as all see the potential, so essential

To live in a sustainable way
and also keep global warming at bay
is the vision to have and to hold, by the young and the old

So the systems are available
and in the old way quite saleable
but does that coincide with the definition of free?

We are in a new age
The free informational stage
Should patents and copyrights exist?

To give access to all
To prevent limitations and control
it has to be gifted, yes free, the energy of giving

There can be no owing
“Anything i do for you i also do for myself”, is a knowing
and it follows “anything you do for me, you also do for yourself”

To those who have brought this to us all
and as the transformation begins, we, with great gratitude will recall
there are many ways to compensate them for their gift, this saving grace

Their gift is priceless
and to honour their contribution is a niceness
that we will want to extend as generosity fuels more gifting

New business ways will evolve
and we will continue to resolve
the many imbalances that have existed on Earth

Just think of the potential
when an answer to our very continued existence is essential
This access to free energy is a true gift from co-creation, Creator’s energy

Anything out of integrity will collapse
Countries will be geographical locations on maps
no longer contained within borders, separating, dividing us all

All life forms will be honoured
Sustainable ways will be garnered
promoting local production and sharing

To have or have not
will not exist as we’re taught
to live in a way where we are aware we are One

Imagine no more stress
as it is the suffering that we address
working towards its demise, the end of suffering

We are being given the key to the end of suffering
entering a time of peace and collaborative honouring
and respect for our differences, our uniqueness, our completeness

With great gratitude
from every longitude and latitude
we accept the gift of free energy

With love and in peace
and with great joy we release
the old making room for the new, New Way

and with our intentions now clear
we’ve engaged a new gear and can steer
our very future to one that we’ve dreamed of

To live in the Kingdom of Love

gagi     10/18/13