Which Came First?

Which Came First?

Which came first?
The dinosaur or its egg?
Was it a slow evolution
or a spontaneous segue?

The question, this question
brought an image renewed
from a long ago meditation
it was once more reviewed

Suspended in nothingness
No place, no time
Was a copper-coloured egg
of a description divine

The egg was so beautiful
reflecting rainbow coloured hues
It seemed to be waiting
to deliver what news?

Does this egg of creation
wait somewhere unknown?
Does it wait to gestate
what wants to be grown?

Copper, yes copper
It’s symbol is Cu
To see you, to hear you
to know who you are….

ICU, i see you or
Intensive Care Unit…
to intensively care…
to be aware

Copper, conductor of
energy and heat
Malleable, colourful
Orange and blue meet

Such a container
for the plasma within
When will this egg hatch?
What will begin?

gagi     10/20/13