Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

A question to ponder
Here on Earth as we wander
What happens to us
when Mercury’s on the cusp?

And when there is a retrograde time
there is no sublime
Our lighthouse not seen
Navigation has been

What is the purpose?
We ask that you help us
to understand these interludes
The expected/unexpected feud

You want to share your perspectives
and suggest some directives
We await what is gifted
Our curiosity is lifted
with thanks

Every branch that expands
into diversity commands
a time of reflection
to approve the direction

Infinite possibilities
held in a vacuum with abilities
needs a time of reversal
before the final dispersal

The Mother loves all
and to hear their call
she will sometimes ignore
all that’s been said before

It’s all about balance
and critical to this dance
About holding the axis
and the still point of practice

A five-pointed star
can be seen from afar
yet at some point is seen
as a singular beam
of light

Stability requires
someone tending the fires
so as not to extinguish
or purpose diminish

Trinity and the holy
reminds us that soully
the purpose of our journey
is to be love and be worthy
of who we are…
so we retrograde and
raise the bar

The human potential
requires an essential
trial without guidance
to reassure and enhance

In retrograde there’s no rules
It is fun to confuse
the expected outcome
from something we’ve done

This particular retro grade now
is going to show us all how
to balance the spectrum
into a new found direction

And a completion of turns
on a pathway that yearns
for a view of completion,
of past wrongs’ deletion

And now back to my own
This story has grown
Retrograde is a treasure
and a time without measure
Thanks for the perspectives
We will be patient with the electives
and play with the surprises
as the newness arises
and continues to unfold
the true meaning of gold
The beauty of Love

gagi     10/21/13

This is a question that is asked to a multi-dimensional circle, numbered positions as on a clock. Question asked by 10.