Toss Out the Old

Toss Out the Old

Toss out the old
Old ways do not work
The old has dissolved
Only fragments still lurk

It is time to create
new ways of doing
being careful not to rely on
the old blueprints’ clueing

If we have a gem
that we feel is worth sharing
place it in the middle
It’s about sharing and caring

Then all sit around
Sit in a circle
Start the conversation
It may result in a miracle

We all now know that
we each carry a perspective
Each sees the gem
and can speak their directive

We each can present
our very own narrative
to add to the remix
co-creation’s imperative

It is not just what we see
from the place where we sit
Our life experiences and thoughts
also colour our drift

What wealth there is
every time we gather
Adding shampoo to water
is when we get the lather

The gem in the middle
may also be a question
Again sharing perspectives
may teach the lesson

So start with the gem
Past info doesn’t matter
It’s about new beginnings
and quieting the brain chatter

Allow all to flow
into the centre
The collective discussion
is the new mentor

gagi     10/21/13