We Cannot Fail

We Cannot Fail

There is a message to share
for our collective tale
It has a happy ending
We cannot fail

We cannot fail
to bring thru the New
That is why we are here
It is what we will do

The message came thru
maybe to just one
but it’s a message for all
because we are the sum

One is created
We are the sum
We are the fractions
that add up to One

Let us complete now
what we have begun
bringing vision into form
both joyous and fun

Oh what a masterpiece
we are co-creating
with Creator the conductor
of what we’re orchestrating

Play all our instruments
Paint all our visions
Sing all the tidings
of our collective decisions

Sculpt into form
with intention and focus
every little detail manifested
with Love’s hocus pocus

The time is arriving
It will be here very soon
The point of so much collapsing
The opposite of high noon

When this point arrives
it will be the time
new creation will start arriving
and a building of our visions
will become concrete and thriving

Now, these days right now
Mercury retrograde time
we are completing and we are meeting
to connect all our lines

And each point of Light
(Yes we are bright)
has shone on many more
As we complete
the work we’re doing
we bring all to the core

We’re here to bring
We’re here to sing
with no echoing or buffering
Our message to all
answers the call
It is to be
the End of Suffering

gagi     10/22/13