Does It Have to be Attainable?

Does It Have to be Attainable?

The question was asked:
If you wanted to manifest
to change this world now,
what would you request?

What would you envision?
And his answer to me,
(Oh how could it be?)
“Does it have to be attainable?”

There it is again!
This deep seated doubt
Held so commonly within

Release this doubt! Begin!

Easily said
We carry the dread
Instilled by the past
Can peace ever last?

How can we know
it’s the thoughts we have
that sow
the fabric of future beingness?

What tools can we access
to release the past’s taxes
clearing our vessel
so a new way can nestle

Thru indigenous ceremony
Energy medicine’s harmony
Earthing’s healing
Heart coherence revealing

Asking for help
Being consciously aware
of the times we are doubting
or setting limits out there

And we’re reminded again
Go to the child within
Each day’s an adventure
Live it without censor

Dream Big, Love Big
Find the treasure – dig!
Live the future
Be the future

Play and dance
Every way enhance
the world we want
to see

gagi     10/23/13