Genesis of Morphing

Genesis of Morphing

sanctify the blessings of what you will become
qualify your journey and the story that is spun
gently be the urging that flows the moment forth
expanding love that’s surging, powering the morph

specialties are merging in to the more defined
magnifying creation as all we are combined
genotypes converging into mesospiral taps
expressing our emergence into multi-dimensional maps

genotypical expression allows for all to be
as consciously our intentions create structures that are free
all becomes accessible as the old is shed as fodder
new lightness is experienced as there is nothing left to bother

spirit free with wayward eyes to take in all the beauty
a swirling and a blending as we unite in sacred duty
metaphors and supraphors becoming to endorph
creating a new presence of the form to which we morph

the edges of expansion feeling new frontiers
sensory enhancement as time becomes the mirrors
jostling good-naturedly to be on the leading edge
each aware in sphere or wheel, we’re a unique cone or wedge

piloting our own expanse in journeying to new frontiers
fuelled from Source, the Creator’s force empowering the tiers
the emptiness, the stillness in to which we expand
never ending access to the Love and promised land

gagi      09/10/15