Integration of Love

Integration of Love

the integration of love is becoming
becoming a force of its own
calling to invite participation
as humanity’s consciousness has grown

one by one by one
continues to increase the sum
when thru information we forage
more now start to acknowledge
that global conditions call for our love

love is the answer to all
and we cannot ignore the call
where there is suffering in other places
we are now aware how it displaces
the people, causing systems and communities to fall

integrating our love brings solutions
honouring our air and our water ends pollutions
sharing our abundance, curbing redundance
eliminates waste and opens the gates
to more love

appreciation extends from compassion
and it is time to explore the word ration
if we were to ration ourselves
i.e. simply how we eat
how much hunger in the world
would we easily defeat?

let love overcome all fear
our ability to all align is near
we’ve simply been blinded
a remorse of humankinded
let each now become a seer

it is time to shift to a new gear
we can become the head of the spear
and as we take flight
the target is right
into the centre of fear

to pierce and end this emotion
is to share the elixir love potion
the emotion of love, overpowers all else
let us integrate love with allselves

gagi   09/09/15