Here to Receive

Here to Receive

we are here to receive with open hearts
having asked to serve, to do our parts
open to receive the love and the wisdom
from the voice of the multitudes who know thy kingdom

where the waters are shallow the waves calm down
there is little resistance to the waters inbound
and on the shoreline, set to receive
are gentler slopes where the waves take leave

and what is deposited on the shorelines of the incoming?
has it something to do with the wholeness of becoming?
wave after wave carry the codes of the new
and here to receive them are the awakened many yet few

to become the new teachers and to share the abundance
for with the love and wisdom there can be no redundance
with masks removed and auras expanded
arrived to perform what our desires demanded

and truly now knowing together we’ve planned it
conspired to create the new kingdom that’s landed
landed in awareness and wanting to take form
we are now positioned to nurture what’s born

expanding awareness by combining our strengths
pushing out to full widths and stretched to full lengths
building our networks, below and above
then starting again with unlimited love

radiant intentions and incoming designs
we will achieve even more as more will align
the structures and systems are here to be built
and the inner strength and guidance has replaced any guilt

so to know thyself and to love one another
to see thyself as thy sister or brother
to be the first family as of the ark
we are here together, to embrace this new start

gagi         12/07/15