Welcome Home

Welcome Home

welcome home, you have arrived
thru many lifetimes, you have survived
enter the gateway
we know why you’ve come
for you carry the wisdom for what now can be done

enter the newness of all that can be
ready your intelligence
you know how to see
seeing the simplicity of what can be devised
systems to be implemented by each one who tries

capture the newness in every breath that you take
freedom to try without fear of mistake
splendour displayed by becoming the more
beauty enhanced by the future before

travelling inwards to the plains of the new
spatially aware of what we can do
magnified imagery of the undone
remodelled into what’s more than the sum

modelling the premieres of the new fashion show
letting it emerge and letting it grow
beyond being satisfied by what there has been
into the emergence is where all will convene

amplify all that is waiting to be
to be in the role of service that’s free
sharing and supporting as creation performs
setting the stage for very new norms

fairness is incumbent on the rules that we make
may there be few as the newness equates
no rules for me and therefore no rules for you
for fairness and justice is all about how we do

time to retire all that’s expired
newness enveloping the heart-centred fire
welcome home to the beginning of time
the setting is staged for all that’s divine

gagi   12/08/15