I Cannot Sleep

I Cannot Sleep

i cannot sleep
my core is raw and exposed
i am fully awake
a compassionate being

the depths of our slumbers
calm the mind
rest the will
we leave physical enactment
retreating into the still

so what then is holding
senses tuned
all alert?
awakened not really
as deep sleep is inert
i have just not been able
to this state convert

is it within me
something troubled and stirring?
or is it an energy

is this a calling to fully explore
our conscious beholding
of what we hold at our core?

now to simply sit
quiet and still
a candle is lit
a comfort to the will

fragmentally exposed
wanting to take form
it is the global imbalances
that are creating this storm

sensitive to the suffering
pluralized to become
a light being of the future
where we will all live as one

gagi     01/03/19