the integrity of wholeness
will exist in its strength
when individuated perspectives
are shared with a resonant wave length

whether sitting in circle
or in spherical formation
we express our perspectives
from a place of passionate elation

straight from our hearts
we each radiate our truth
others receive thru their hearts
not asking for proof

each has a turn
to share what they feel
and the diverse perspectives
are certain to yield
a wholeness, a richness
of multi-dimensional strength
and then comes an opportunity
to discuss this at length

questions are asked
for clarity and expansion
additions to perspectives
add other dimensions

and finally exhausting
all concerns and resistance
there emerges a consensus
that comes into existence

this coming into form
with collaborative intension
has an integrity of wholeness
that has dissolved oppositional tension

this is the primary force
fuelling humanity’s ascension
thru that illusive gateway
to the next dimension

with the key
being love

gagi       01/04/19

( “anything out of integrity will collapse” as described in Dr. Carl Johan Calleman’s studies of the evolution of consciousness)