I to We

I to We

we are in the shift and still feeling adrift
letting go of the permanence, being the observerance
aware of our uniqueness, sensing our obliqueness
to all that is

the sense is emerging that all is converging
returning to the centre where love is our mentor
bringing our gifts to merge all that uplifts
and growing the love

so let us enquire as to what we desire
and how to express it, can our language compress it
to both desire and become? … we will know when that’s done
when i becomes we

to eliminate one letter, to express our desire much better
to live the oneness we are wanting, the task is not daunting
to live as the one, where one plus one equals one
let us be we

and to speak to another, let us now uncover
the meaning of you, it can be inclusive too
not the singular expression, for that is regression
you know?

let us be conscious of how often, we use the word i
let us speak to another as part of the whole
let us embody the emergence birthed from our convergence
let us become as our goal, the i to we

gagi        02/24/16