Exploring the New Frontier

Exploring the New Frontier

we have reached the boundaries of all that we know
and we realize that we know nothing
nothing compared to the potential that is
yet knowing we’ve been handed the key-ring

the keys to the future, which one to choose?
where will each choice lead us? is there time to peruse?
if held to our hearts and shared with each other
we will make the best choice and soon will discover

all keys open a door to the new frontier
infinite choices, the key bearer’s fear
the weight of the keys will be too much to carry
so let each choose their key as their doorways may vary

the ultimate choice as we walk thru our door
will be the way that we choose how to explore
in times of the old,  explorers sought wealth
in the time now presenting will we seek global health?

in the new frontier can we merge with all others?
seeking to understand their ways so as to discover
their appreciation for life and how they now live
guardians of their habitat with abundance to give

to give and to share with no need of surplus
hoarding from fear replaced by living in sacred trust
trusting the outcome will always be perfect
creation’s unfolding from thought forms we reflect

mesmerizing sequencing, allurements’ potential
the love and the wisdom the linking sequential
marking the beginning of opening to the new
the frontier explorers will be witnesses to what grew

gagi   02/26/16 & 02/27/16