After Shocks are After Thoughts

After Shocks are After Thoughts 

the tremor, the quiver, the uncontrollable shakes
are they after shocks or a full blown earth quake?
and what is their source, what is their cause
let us explore this, let’s take a pause

the pause is the answer, to enter the gap
we find in the stillness the journey’s a map
a map from the source thru all the dimensions
and the challenges met can hold time in suspension

did i do that? a memory from the past
memories can be permanent, a stain that can last
and as they’re relived, their essence is sieved
causing worry and stress, anxiety to address

when something just happens a journey to the map tracks and ends
where a similarity is marked, a reaction state is embarked
from the point of past stimulation
it’s a difficult equation

so if the after shocks come from after thoughts
how can we help here?
this is the conundrum and the solution will come
when investigations are completed and comparisons done

patience is a virtue
let it all unfold
our patient has courage

gagi      02/28/16