Does There Have To Be a Beginning?

Does There Have To Be a Beginning?

does there have to be a beginning?
can we just be
for as our world is spinning
we are where we feel and see

capturing the essence of the freshness of each day
as day eclipses night, the new, fresh with dew, is sparkling away
witness now the art forms of the colours in the sky
sunrise to sunset, a continuous cast of the die

variations, diversity, creativity in all form
ingenious attractors allow the new to be born
segues into practical solutions to our quests
deep integration of the segments we know best

to begin with one,  ending another is not what it’s about
co-creation is continuous, only slowed when there is doubt
passageways to the future filled with energetic hope
written into the records is scribed the infinite possibilities’ scope

let us continue not begin and never, never end
for this is the inspiration to future generations we send
the line of creation always has a bend
the spiral to the future where love will both mend and append

gagi      02/28/16