Let the Quiet Ones Be Heard

Let the Quiet Ones Be Heard

let the quiet ones be heard
for they too have truly served
as observers they too seek
the opportunity to speak

ask and give them space
slow down the rapid pace
tune in to a quiet one’s heart
and encourage them to start

the observer’s senses are fine tuned
and like when a camera’s lens is zoomed
can be as an eagle’s eye
taking in the big picture, flying high

then focusing on a point of interest
dives in for a closer look
and exploring all perspectives
is ready to share directives

when the quiet ones speak
it is not attention that they seek
(for they are content being quiet and meek)
it is to share the voice of wisdom
and to participate in a co-creative decision

may all be heard
for on the curve
not all are seen

or heard

gagi      02/29/16

Interesting the obsolete definition of meek is “gentle and kind”
The intention here is to recognize and return this definition to the future.