The New Frontier

The New Frontier

qualities of the divine are behind you
qualities of the divine are within
qualities of the divine are ensphering all
as we come into alignment with love

deeply held cores of creation
expanding and enriching the growth
pleasurable moments of elation
and quiet times of reflection, both

peace being generated by being
peaceful in moments with charge
kindness overcoming our judgements
as we embrace a new world at large

wandering elements of delusion
illumined by having the faith
knowing we are growing our future
by being inclusive to all in our space

the importance of being resourceful
and of sharing the abundance we have
wanting the best for our children
all children, we speak on their behalf

holding the divergence of similarity
as a tool to create simplicity’s more
solutions are ingeniously emerging
from the depths of our co-creative core

surrendering to the flow that is surging
and to a new world of co-habitation emerging
for we are both the shipbuilders and pilots
navigating the new frontier

gagi      03/02/16