Industrial Form

Industrial Form

industrial form brought us thru the ages
from agricultural to the manufacturing stages
cities grew and production soared
natural resources from the Earth were bored

bored or borrowed? that is the question
infinite resources is out of the question
we live upon a finite sphere
and a quest for growth has brought us here

our growth is not of what we can produce
or the balance sheet: surplus up, debt reduce
our souls have sought an experience here
and the importance of that is becoming very clear

if we are to continue to grow our population
how do other species fit into that equation?
if we keep wanting more material things
what of the waste and pollution that brings?

the industrial form of civilization right now
feels totally uncivilized and is showing us how
to dig deeply within, not into the Earth
for humanity is to go thru a total rebirth

we will continue to be inventive and bold
and the inner resources is where we’ll mine gold
the ability to know and to do so with caring
will bring about a revolution that’s all about sharing

what we no longer use and no longer need
can be reworked or given to others to seed
a new way of living, connected and balanced
honouring our differences, contributions and talents

onward we go – the timing is now
a consciousness revolution is showing us how
perhaps it’s survival as the theme of this tale
and deeply within we know we cannot fail

gagi       02/09/14