Inner Space

Inner Space

if our inner space is more expansive
than the outer place we’ve lived in
how do we explore this place
and navigate the transive?

to go within
to be
a stillness
and silence
awareness of
a heartbeat
a breath
sounds fade away
the body but a shell
of the space within

to enter this space
is to know how to replace
the busyness of mind
with a very different kind –
the fullness of empty

where harmony exists
and an atmosphere of bliss
and a quiet interlude
quite vacant of mood

the Beloved may appear
other presence may feel near
to dance alone is not possible
this is the healing-feeling hospital
complete with emergence/see ward
dock, tors divine
a well/coming committee
and a way to combine

to combine the emptiness perceived
with the Oneness achieved
and simply be
a “wait and see”
a vessel, a servant
ready to accept a new current
allowing the flow
and ready to go
when called

gagi      02/10/14