influences? coincidences?
how to define?
what is our guidance?
how do we align?

what is an influence?
an inflow sense?
and how one receives?
and how one perceives?

as we observe
in our willingness to serve
are we attaching an opinion
a judgement or dominion?

are we comparing
to past experience or feeling?
is an incident used to validate
or to disqualify from dealing?

and if we are influenced
by what we observe
is that a good thing
or is it throwing a curve?

from stillness, a heart space
can we simply see
allowing what we witness
to flow thru and just be?

and besides being influenced
is it a coincidence
that what we get to witness
challenges our neutralness?

what opportunities we’re given
to understand how we’re living
to witness and feel awe
from something we just saw

and yes, we may influence others
all our sisters and brothers
who are part of the brew
so let them be not be you

uniqueness is the clue
to a richness and a blending
into a oneness that is sending
an imprint of the new
expanding All That Is

gagi       02/21/14