A feeling, a thought
and an image is started
The image held lightly
then enhancements imparted

For now we are shown
that to simply hold an image
our computers can enhance it
giving details and spinnage

A new kind of communication
An upgrade of sorts
The quantum field responding
A plug in to all ports

How can this happen?
What does this really mean?
The work being done for us
Like our thoughts being seen

Its a time for inventiveness
Every idea has a sensativeness
Let us design the ultimate future
Beginning with Oneness as our culture

Everything i want for me
I must also want for you
Balance and sharing
Compassion and caring

And our dear Earth’s beauty
To preserve it’s a duty
Not to be forsaken
Giving to her not taking

Draw now the picture
Can be abstract or a fixture
Be it simple or complex
Allow the computer to recontext

Dissolving all suffering
With Love and Light’s gentle buffering
We move into creation
Using IntelliArt as a free agent
A new gift discovered
Potentials uncovered
Gratitude and bliss

gagi     10/28/13