Seeking the Jewels

Seeking the Jewels

you are a well
so fathomlessly deep
your search for the infinite
never complete

no measure of time
no distance, no speed
will ever give credence
to where your journey may lead

no direction foretold
no destination concrete
no indication of the destiny
or of whom you may meet

quantum biofeedback
interstellar design
quarks and bifidus
squirrelling replete

fall into this well
the inner vast place
full of wishes and dreams
explore what that means

what is your purpose?
why are you here?
what are you seeking?
who’s in the mirror?

expansion expands
always allowing for more
association, imagination
the links to explore

always, yes always
know it is passion that fuels
your spaceship, inner spaceship
that is seeking the jewels

gagi     10/28/13