The Chrysalis

The Chrysalis

This stage of creation
is not just on Earth
It is thru all universes
It’s a total rebirth

The fragments, the bits
The fractal eclipse
What held all together
Now dissolved, untethered

Each one knew itself
Its diversity was its wealth
Total uni-cycle now complete
Time to rest, take a seat

Enter into the pupal stage
The chrysalis or inactive page
A time of re-writing
Total design change, in-sighting

No more differentiation
All pigments, all cells of creation
Blending and available
A palate for the unfailable

A time of procreation
Intense focus and gestation
A quiet in this interlude
Preparing for a new multitude

Our consciousness suspended
Awareness of past being amended
Waiting, surrendered
Trusting, engendered

Knowing that all is well
No prophets can foretell
This is a new creative time
A result of total cycle design

We’re at that still point
Holding space, ready to anoint
All that emerges
Soon arriving
Arriving in surges

The waves of co-creation
will reach the shores of each nation
Each galaxy and universe
All able soon to converse

Stay in the silence
Listen to inner guidance
Creator’s compliance
Love incubating reliance
on All That Is

gagi     10/29/13