The Cyclometer

The Cyclometer

New science is showing
There will be more to our knowing
We’re being seeded…they’re sowing
New thoughts and ideas

This morning gave vision
A poem or writing decision?
And poetry won
So this poem’s begun

It is about the cyclometer
It is like a barometer
It seems to measure vibration
of our spoken eloquation

How we spoke a word
and by computer it was heard
Then an expansion occurred
and new data was lured
from the internet

I was also shown
how more info was grown
by using a type of pen
encircling a word and then
more info appeared
on the screen
It was weird

One more bit of info
and this is great inflow
How we pronounce a word
can affect how it’s heard
by the universe

Think of these words:
and how they’re pronounced

a constable sound plus
how we pronounce the letter “r”

Now what about “war”
We pronounce it like “wore”
If we change what we speak
The old word meaning will leak
right out of the word
The universe has heard
and we can assign a new meaning
like a peaceful reconvening

Let us make the change
and pronounce, rearrange
the meaning of war (“w”+ letter r)
so it is heard from afar
from every listening star

Let this be a war of words
and we will monitor what occurs
May we have a peaceful reconvening
for it is towards peace we are leaning
with love

gagi     10/31/13