Splash Farm

Splash Farm

Eagle soars
keeping watch from above
The ocean she’s watching
is the Ocean of Love

The ocean is movement
It never is still
When the surface is calm
in the depths there’s a mill

A milling about
Currents sink and they rise
carrying every emotion
that life could devise

There’s always a seeking
to rise up to the top
Attracted to the Light
emotions want to be Love

Eagle sees the blending
The ebb and the flow
Sometimes a ripple
Sometimes waves grow

Eagle’s not a floater
She doesn’t dive in or swim
She hunts with keen vision
from dawn ’til light’s dim

Eagle touches only the surface
and makes barely a splash
She lifts off again
and flies away with her catch

Eagle seems to know
from her view from above
It is the surface of the ocean
that reflects the emotion of Love

Eagle dips down to taste it
She harvests her farm
Creating only a ripple
with wing, talon or arm

gagi     11/01/13