intuning is the art of inner guidance
to tune into the heart and the gut
to feel into feelings in silence
to crack the emotional nut

how we observe another’s perspective
often triggers something within
and if it’s a strong and uncomfortable emotion
that’s where the art of intuning can begin

so first to ask what it is that we’re feeling?
what belief has triggered this now?
is this a belief worthy of exploring?
and where did it come from anyhow?

we may find that our uncomfortable emotions
come from personal suffering instead
instead of another’s perspective we’re sensing
it unlocks our past, blocks the present and what’s ahead

our past experiences often shade our perspectives
and others model to us what they believe
by intuning we are given introspection
the gift to question, perhaps a new belief to conceive

to know thyself is a core purpose of our life’s journey
and to master that takes us thru many a lifetime
then to know and to dance with the time honoured Masters
we’re positioned to see all as divine

gagi   02/23/15