it is the abutment
the junction of time
to solidify, anchor
the spans and the lines

step forward precious ones
ready to receive
there will be a bond and a bracing
for you are to lead

the power of the centrifuge
the push and the spin
brings all to the edges
and where to begin

holding the empowerment
of what is held dear
the love and the wisdom
and the absence of fear

locking together
a bridging of sorts
to anchor and weigh in
all lending support

the newness arriving
will come to a full stop
and the speed of its arrival
allows a transference pop

the abutment, the bracing
the welcoming too
the strength of the numbers
the many, the few

don’t wait for others
the timing is now
you’re joined by the multitudes
we’re showing you how

gagi     02/21/15