Everything Will Come Into Being

Everything Will Come Into Being

everything will come into being
you will see
the concentric time waves
are aligning to be

precious are the time waves reaching your shore
rolling with a magnitude as never seen before
carrying in their energies the fractal reserve
indicating the desire to both create and to preserve

messaging encoded in the photon banded waves
spaces that envelop them are charged convex concaves
interloping magic in its newly balanced form
waiting for that shoreline to deliver what’s to be born

an energy of love so intense it almost burns
readying to fill the gaps for all that has been yearned
specifically designed to be the altruistic splash
anointing all receiving with a reconnoitred flash

jewel embedded qualities readying to be received
exotic in their complexities, past present in relief
magnitudes of communication in forms as yet unknown
ready now for truly, the winds of change have blown

gagi      02/20/15