the mansion on the hill
we have always had it in view
but to actually live there
is open to just a few

representative of achievement
there’s always a hill to climb
and how one chooses their path there
may be direct or by taking one’s time

an invitation to own it
is extended by the mansion herself
she offers a residence of opportunity
and a space to learn about wealth

for some the mansion may be that
a symbol of those with material wealth
but for this invitation extended
it’s about caring, sharing and health

the mansion’s a metaphor for a world view
it shows a way for humanity to live
by sharing our abundance with others
what of value do we have to give?

she offers a place to fill one’s coffers
filling her up with possessions galore
or she offers a place to discover
what many have found before

a home is a place of shelter
of beauty and comfort and warmth
and the central heating comes always
from the love in the hearts that is formth

love formed and warmed by her owners
the ones with the distant view
who appreciate the land and the mansion
and the opportunity for what they can do

a place to enhance the beauty
to welcome their family and friends
a harbour to shelter others
when they’re seeking a place to mend

and the mansion loves to gather
others with hearts so keen
to share their visions of a planet’s future
peaceful and balanced blue/green

the mansion’s favourite memories
will attract what is to be
the laughter of children playing
a garden that’s grown from seed

neighbours helping each other
animals a part of the team
wise ones teaching the seekers
quiet and peaceful scenes

graceful aging with opportunities for fitness
both for mansion and inhabitants too
an atmosphere that is stress free
a cooperative, harmonious mood

a blending of indoors and outdoors
healthy meals that are sourced from the land
water that’s enjoyed to swim in
projects that are excitedly planned

the mansion is beckoning others
and she will give the key
to the perfect inner companions
for how she wants to be

gagi   02/18/15